16th Annual Bull Sale

9am, 18 September 2024

‘Mareto’, Augathella QLD

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100 grass fed bulls

Our commercial focus as beef producers gives Rangeland Bulls a unique point of difference as seedstock producers and means our breeding priorities are reflective of the profit drivers in a commercial herd.  This paradigm shift focuses on productivity gains that come from running fertile, efficient cows that will wean a higher percent of their own weight with fewer inputs.  Our commercial breeder herd of 4,800 females is run in tough environmental conditions of southwest Queensland in an entirely grass-fed organic system without artificial inputs. Rangeland Bulls are Angus Brahman composite (3/4 Angus and 1/4 Brahman), selected for adaptation to the environment and commercial productivity whilst also achieving optimum market compliance.  

The selection traits of the program have remained constant for over 25 years, with the enduring goal of optimising net profit per hectare in a commercial environment.  Cows need to work hard to stay in this grass-fed organic system, where selection pressure is essential for genuine genetic progress of the herd.  Rangeland Bulls maintain our collective practice of only keeping females which produce a calf unassisted by two years of age and continue to do this annually within a 2-month joining period.  As a result, only the most functional animals remain in the herd, without pursuing extremes in any one trait.

Our focus has never been to produce a large number of bulls. Rather we have been selecting animals we wish to use ourselves and so focus on intense selection of the best performing bulls from our collective herd.  Only the top 5% of male calves make it as bulls and they must have reached puberty by 12 months of age with a scrotal measurement of 28cm plus, off grass.

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Breeding Locations

Located across southwest Queensland:


Breeding Program Criteria

The cow herd discipline of joining cows for only 2-months (and the same two months each year) means breeders must have an inter-calving interval of under 365 days, achieved in a natural environment.

The Rangeland Bulls Team

Steve & Esmae Taylor
'Moriah', Chinchilla

0428 549 169

Kate & Peter Moloney
'Wetlands', Augathella

0427 549 169

Kenton & Amy Peart
'Dunvegan', Charleville

0428 159 072

Sale Location & Program

Mt Tabor Road
Augathella QLD

Morven Airstrip coordinates
26º 23’ 59.9986” S
147º 06’ 00.022” E 

9am – Registration. Bulls available for inspection
11am – Helmsman Auction commences

Please stay for a BBQ lunch following the sale.

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Helmsman Auction

Starting bid $4,000 + GST
100% grass fed bulls

Bred commercially. Fed commercially. Grown commercially. Marketed commercially.

Selling Agent

TopX Roma
Cyril Close
0428 222 308